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A perfectly managed housing estate

A ready-to-use tool designed for developers, partners and residents communities.
Management software and two-way communication with residents.


Coordinate activities

Practical utilities for full financial control and resident activities in newly established and inhabited settlements

Create mobile application access accounts for community residents and tenants of commercial premises.
Bills and Payments
Manage the accounts and access to the payment history with current status and full records.
Faults and problems
Get technical fault reports in apartment or estate with the possibility of getting pictures.

Voting and Surveys
Create the survey or election voting for residents without the need of a direct meeting.
Administrative messages
Immediately inform residents by direct messages about breakdowns or issues in a housing estate or a specific building.
Counter statuses
Easily receive information about current consumption of electricity, water, gas and manage them.

Integrated with users

Intuitive and customized mobile application for the owners, residents and tenants.


Individual visual adjustment
Customised version of the application with logos and characteristic colors of developer, based on our safe software engine, with current updates and fast online 24/7 technical support.

The application can be allocated to every resident, to the owners of service premises , and the landlords to control the timeliness of fees and bills to their tenants.

Reporting problems
Tenants can directly report current problems directly to the administration, technical service or concierge, and also take full part in residents decisions and surveys.

Security and convenience
You do not need any technical resources to run the Homzy system. We provide full support for access to the application and its storage on a virtual server..

Management under full control

Managing the registry of the housing estate and coordinating the residents obligations becomes easier.
The ability to send current bills, messages to the residents along with confirmation of reading the information.

Housing management
Control the finances and manage buildings with apartments belonging to them. Get full insight into the history of fees, obligations and issues.

Send messages to users, and create questionnaires. Monitor communication between users, as well as regulate the correct flow of information in employee structures.

Report center
Conveniently receive messages with problems reported by residents to a selected administration unit. Technical failures, reports from the security, or a social problem then monitor the progress of solving the problem.


Useful at every stage
Homzy is useful already during the construction of a new housing estate. Provide your future residents access to progress view on the current stages of construction and send them relevant information, notifications, meeting invitations and also archive documents.

Additional modules
In addition to the standard system modules, Homzy also has a whole range of additional utilities that can be commissioned on your behalf. We have many interesting solutions to choose from, such as local weather forecast, integration with the municipal system, management of the gardening system, as well as automatic opening of the gate by geolocalisation of the users smartphone.

Resident mode
At the moment of completing the construction and handing over the premises, Homzy from the informing about the construction stage application, will turn into the application for administrating the estate with full utilities.
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System is based in the safe, virtual server
You don’t need to have your server facilities. We provide our own solution available online.

Individual graphic adjustment
The software will be adapted to full visualization of the estate with all your logos and branding.

Expansion of functionality
We offer individual additional functionalities to improve the operation of the current system on request.
Building construction mode
Enter the applications in the construction mode, and the clients will follow the construction process in the developer's dedicated application.

Keeping records
A simple way to provide information about the current consumption of MEDIA to the system managed by the supervisor.

Increase your relationships with residents
Ensure better contact between the housing estate administration and residents on matters that matter and take decisions

Subscription plan

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Below we present a subscription plan depending on the number of units serviced throughout the entire estate.

from 1 to 100 premises
1 $
Price for 1 place per month

from 100 to 5000 premises
0.9 $
Price for 1 place per month

from 5000 to 10000 premises
0.8 $
Price for 1 place per month

more than 10000 premises
Price per month


The prices shown are net prices and include Tax